Darkophonic Temple



Hamed Soraya started learning music from his father when he was 6 and then started playing instrument like Daf Drum and Tanboor.
After a while he learned playing Divan (Baghlama). He participated in Persia and Konia festivals. Since the year 1996 he began to listen to New age, Ethnic, Folklore world music. And then he acquired and learned Ethnomusicology and different eastern cultures.

His familiarity with psychedelic music led him to the years of practice and learns, seeks to provide a combination would lead a cross the culture.

Darkophonic temple is A different side of SuryaDemaH that in space baby records makes a forest psychedelic & Darkpsy. The first album which is called “Avesta” is influenced by philosophy and culture of Ancient relligion of Iran zartosht((zaratushtra)), it belongs to 3000 years ago and is formed of a collection of holy poems and quotes of Zartosht. This album uses,ancient persian scales and eastern melodies and Rhythmes…


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