Max Larsen a.k.a. GOYA is a music producer with his roots on the westcoast of Sweden.
Goya started producing electronic music in 2004, mainly focused on Dub, Drum & Bass and Dubstep.
It was first in 2007 he started to produce his first psytrance tracks.
Influenced by the hard progressive wave that was sweeping over Sweden’s forests, Goya also started to produce dark progressive psytrance.
2010 Goya was signed as a label dj on Horsepower productions and released his debut EP in 2012.
The same year he got really tired of psytrance and progressive psy so he started a new project he called Hest Bränsle, a much faster type of psytrance but still with influences from progressive psy.
It was first after playing at a private party called The Awakening he decided to start producing darkpsy with a purpose to enhance the trance dance experience and to fully devote himself to the incredible power psytrance has, to evoke active meditation.
His music influences are mostly Experimental music, Hardcore/Metal, Industrial (EBM), Drum n Bass, Dub, Hip Hop, Tribal and Ethnic Ancestral songs.


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