Estuardo Molina created the proyect “Xochipilli” in 2009 with the intention of passing a message and share the ritual with all the psychedelic lovers. Started to produce his own music in 2010, mixing the tribal and ritual sounds from all over the world, specially ancient sounds from the tribes in Guatemala and Mexico.
Xochipilli is the Mayan/Aztec God of sacred plants, music, dance, fertility and spiritual nature. Due to this, the proyect is a mix of new sounds and technology with the ritual rhythms.

First EP was released on 2013 (Invocando a Xochipilli) and first full length album was released on 2016 (Keep the Ritual Alive) with Active Meditation Music. Many released in different compilations from Mexico, Japan, Guatemala, Spain and a couple of tracks in compilations from Active Meditation Music!

Join the ritual, return to your spiritual nature.


Agency Active Meditation Music

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