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Demoniac Insomniac - Trimurti EP
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Demoniac Insomniac - Trimurti EP

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01.Demoniac Insomniac - Space Designer (156 Bpm)
02.Demoniac Insomniac - Narayana (165 Bpm)
03.Demoniac Insomniac - Ciu Vasha Vselenciu Ciu Vasha Vonzemjanciu (165 Bpm)



Trimurti are the three great cosmic forces. The whole Brahman!

The creator - Brahma, the maintainer - Vishnu & the transformer - Shiva.

This great forces are forming the whole universe in to existence, from non - existence, together with their consorts - Saraswati, Laxmi & Parvati.

Lord Dattatreya is an incarnation of the Trimurti, he is the lord of the Yogis, the lord of the whole knowledge in the universe!

Each track is dedicated to one of the Murtis.

Om Namo Narayan!


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