Seth – Sonic Geometry CD


Seth – Sonic Geometry
Active Meditation Music



Seth – Sonic Geometry
Active Meditation Music

01.Seth vs Phobos Azazel – Nice To See You (146 Bpm)
02.Seth – Cosmos Mysterious (148 Bpm)
03.Seth – Void (150 Bpm)
04.Seth vs Haunted Castle – Paranormal Activities (152 Bpm)
05.Seth vs Insector – Don’t Be Afraid (152 Bpm)
06.Seth – Explore The Darkness (155 Bpm)
07.Seth – Unreal Reality (155 Bpm)
08.Seth – Devils Fruit (156 Bpm)
09.Seth – Sonique (159 Bpm)
10.Seth – Higher Signals (160 Bpm)
11.Seth – Bonus Stage (165 Bpm)

Sonic Geometry is the long-awaited debut album from Seth aka Kristijan Krsteski from Macedonia.
The album contains fullpower tracks written between 2012 – 2016 at a speed range of 146 – 165 Bpm.
Seth takes you on a inner journey in to the deep void of sonic geometry, providing the listener with organic and sharp
experimental sounds, but not forgetting the necessity of a powerfull and dynamic rhythm, to ensure a great time on the dancefloor!

“Searching for the simmetry in chaos
Exploring to the core of the mysterious
Through serious fusion of psychedelic frequencies
Defining a sacred balance between all opposites”

Artwork Design By: Fractal Metatron

Mastering by: Boris Kirov @ Active Meditation Music Studio


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