VA – Midnight Adventures Compiled by Demoniac Insomniac & Mutaro”

Out on: Active Meditation Music


Kor 13

Venom Sense

Big Tits


Il Delirio Di Omnipotenza

Sectio Aurea

Fuk Fuk (The Heretic Rmx)


Whicked Liquid

Fatal Discord

Dark Technologies


Galactic Rhytm

Demoniac Insomniac

Blow My Note



Jesus Raves

Abra Makabra


Sweet Dreams

Death Project

Resurrection Of The Machines




Bells Of Delusion


Evil God


Black Chronic

Dark Whisper


Druc Drac

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The 4th release from Active Meditation Music! This time Demoniac Insomniac and Mutaro compiled a double disc compilation, with the old & new talents from the label.
The first disc contains fullpower music for the dancefloor, from very known artists like: Venom Sense, Sectio Aurea, Terranoise, Fatal Discord and new talented artists like: Hagenith, Demoniac Insomniac, Terratech, Kasatka and Jesus Raves to blast the dancefloor.
Here, the story continues with the second disc, with the darker side of this compilation, here we have one of the most talented artists in forest and darkpsy like Acid Goblins Vs Haunted Castle, Malkaviam , Death Project, Grain Ripper, Kabayun, Noized, Dark Whisper and a Rmx track from Ogait remixed by The Heretic – (Baphomed Engine side project).
Our Compilation ends with a track from Druc Drac, new experimental artist to finish our story: When the when the pointers of the clock turn to 12 , silent noizes floating over from somewhere in the dark, spooky whispers start sorrounding your head, you know the time has come where everything can happen: Its Midnight.
The moon is shining bride while the creatures of the night, human or not, start crawling out of every corner, and the nocturnal energy rises up to its highest point.
Its time for Midnight Adventures!!!
The night has always been a big inspiration for every human being,the darkness unleashes big hidden energys which are slumbering in everyone of us .
These energys are the authors of the most weird,funny and sometimes also scary story happening to all our lives.
We selected 18 artists who gave their best to lead you trough your own midnight adventures…………



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