VA – Mindwar “Compiled by Demoniac Insomniac”

Out on: Active Meditation Music


Rhytm Of The Roots

Infect Insect


The Nommos

Hidden Gate

Fatal Discord



Yo Maniac

Kerosene Club

Kali Weed

The Galactic Brain

Galactic Influence


Alien Syndrone


Hi Tech Hitch

Technical Hitch

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Closing the senses,the ego is destroyed.looking thru the eye of Consciousness, the battle starts.
The illusion attack your body, but your soul defends with the love of truth, chaos of toughts begins…
Now is the time to choose the path of awareness and rule the senses, or senses will rule over you.
See the pure light destroying all the demons, the time is destroyed, everything become infinite, and everything becomes one sound.
Dance to this sound.

This compilation is a mindwar between the real and imaginary.
We have chosen the best tracks from the artists of the label, and made this journey thru micro and macro cosmos.
Dance with us in this beautyfull creation.

The price for this CD is 15 Eu with included worldwide shipping plus a free copy from the previous CD – Bounty hunters!

Everyone that will order the CD will get the links for downloading the tracks in wav, so you can listen the tracks immediately after you purchase the cd, while waiting for your disk to arrive!

There are Only 300 CD’S in Digipack Box avaliable, and there will no be any reprint.



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