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Khonshu is an darkpsy project designed by Ramon Borges aka Terminus and Daniela Mendes in favor of the Egyptian God-name. Directly associated with magic and wizards, venerated only by those who walked in the night, or who needed their powers, this project seeks the connection of the higher deities through music that is led by cosmic wisdom. With the learning received by all monads and akashic records, they seek to translate, in the Universal language of music, the deep knowledge that lives within us and the mysteries still to be discovered, bringing a reflective story in each track to provoke self-criticism and self-knowledge leading the hearers to a Dense, profound and rewarding experience, for just like shamans, all are able to go from the highest heaven to the lowest hell and yet remain in peace with the duality of life.
Seeking to lead the audience to a psychedelic and conscious experience, Khonshu teaches through the frequential magic of music to live well with its darker side to finally find its inner light.


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