Demoniac Insomniac – No Fear Kali Is Here (CD)




01.Money Cannot Be Eaten (148 Bpm)

02.Skoll Streik (152 Bpm)

03.Saturn Jupiter Conjuction (154 Bpm)

04.Transcend The Perishable (100 Bpm)

05.Turbulance In The Matrix (156 Bpm)

06.Alternating Current (158 Bpm)

07.The Rise And Fall (120 Bpm)

08.Spectral Revelations

09.Mahakali (160 Bpm)

10.Artificial Waves (90 Bpm)

11.Ikaro (245.25 Bpm)


Hey guys, here is my new album called “No Fear Kali Is Here”!

Since the pandemic started i didn’t have any gigs to perform and my income is very low and i am struggling to survive both as an artist and to run my record label properly!

I need the support from you guys to release this album so thats why i am going to organise a crowdfunding campaign to release the album on a CD/USB Drive/Vinyl Record/USB Drive.

Also i am going to create merch that you can purchase and support me.

The album is going to be put in a pre-order state and be published once i reach the amount needed in order to publish it.

If you want to support me, simply pre-order the album in your favourite format, and if you are interested in donating more, or you want your logo/name/website/social link printed inside the physical versions of the album as an official sponsor please contact me via email: demoniacinsomniac@hotmail.com

No Fear Kali Is Here is the 2nd album from Demoniac Insomniac!
His debut album was released back in 2012 for Rockdenashi Productionz from Japan!
After that he released many singles and EP’s and he is finally back with his full lenght album.
The style of this album is very diffrent from his previous work because he moved from a production based on software on a more analog & modular approach, filled with tribal percussion, deep textures and atmospheres with a modern approach of production techniques.

The theme in the album is the mother goddess or the feminine divine in all her forms and its a complete offering to her from a Bhakt source!


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