Iran [Active Meditation Music]

Mehdi aka Elvan got familiar and fell in love with the trance music in 2005 when the first underground psy parties started happening in Iran.
Next years he started collecting psychedelic music and he was listening to the music for many days, then by analysing the sound he understood that the more high quality music you listen the more your hearing abilities change and at some point he become a pro at it. Then  in 2009 he started djing and visited Goa for the first time. After his first gig in Goa in 2011, he got booking in countries like: Nepal, Turkey, Georgia… In 2014 he decided that he want to make music professionally after visiting a SAE course on music production.  In 2018 Elvan got the first tracks and started releasing them on various labels. In 2020 he opened his record label called Paranormal Records together with his partner Space Wizard! In 2023 after a long support as a DJ for Active Meditation Music he is finally signed as an official artist and he will release his first track collab on VA – Spectrum Of Infinity “Compiled by Demoniac Insomniac”
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