Vajrapani Live is the DarkPsytrance project of DJ and producer Abner Simão (Absycho), born in São Paulo, Brazil.
Inspired by the sounds of Eastern cultures, specifically Tibetan, Vajrapani embodies the infinite power of Buddha (Shakyamuni).
Its essence is to dissolve internal human fears and ignorances such as hatred, anger, greed, attachment, disillusionment, envy, and more.
With a BPM range between 160 and 180, accompanied by mystical, deep, and organic atmospheres, as well as the intense Bass Groove, Vajrapani creates a blend of sensations that lead sentient beings into a meditative and euphoric state.
Transforming minds and bodies, dictating the rhythm not only on the dance floor but also in life itself, where one must deconstruct and reconstruct themselves with each overcoming of obstacles.
Vajrapani has performed at various festivals across Brazil, including Lost Paradise, Coletivo Organika, Soturna, Andromeda Festival, Cultive Festival, Via Lactea Festival, Padma Festival, Akatu Festival, Orion Trance, Cachoeira em Transe, Darkfest, Spirit Gust Teaser, among many others.
In 2022, Vajrapani made its international debut at the Primitif Festival in Morocco.
Vajrapani comes in Active Meditation Music in 2023 with his single named “Rhythm Of The Soul”!!!

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